Top 10 reasons why to become a Bricklayer

Top 10 reasons why to become a Bricklayer

There are many reasons why you should think about a career in the bricklaying industry. Take a look at the top 10 reasons why you should become a bricklayer:

Reason 1:

Working outdoors! Forget about being trapped in an office and being stuck with people getting sick and spreading it around the office floor. As a bricklayer you can work outside and join the scenery of different locations every time you start a new job. Your workplace is continuously changing, keeping it fresh and interesting.

Reason 2:

You can get a official degree in bricklaying on many different levels. To get a qualification in bricklaying takes time. Mastering it in different areas can take a lifetime. Bricklaying is not just putting a brick on top of each other. You’ve got to think about every movement and calculate your actions. Once you’ve done your first projects, make sure to keep a curriculum vitae of your achievements. In this way you can show new clients your level of skills.

Reason 3:

Work towards an end result and show your creation to people for ages to come. At the end of the workday you can look back and see your achievements of that day. Not for a few days, but for decades to come. The pride of creating something that could last for hundreds of years, can make you feel happy. With a creative mind you can produce outstanding future elements in all types of buildings ready to be marveled by generations to come.

Reason 4:

The next benefit of being a bricklayer is being your own boss. You can go from apprentice to self employed subcontractor in just a few years. With the right qualifications in your pocket and trowel under your belt, the world is yours to explore. Worldwide the construction industry is growing. Especially the demand for young well qualified bricklayers is increasing worldwide.

Reason 5:

There’s a skills shortage. There just aren’t enough skilled brick and blocklayers in the world. Since I started 3 years ago, I haven’t been out of work 1 single day.

Reason 6:

You’ve got freedom to travel. You can travel to Europe for 3 months and still come back and get straight into work. Get a passport and a trowel and there’s work everywhere, and the world’s your oyster.

Reason 7:

Being part of a team. Brick and blocklaying is done by gangs. Teams of people who work together and support each other to achieve the best result.

Reason 8:

Money. Your parents are right, it doesn’t grow on trees. But you can make your own pile of it. You can have three houses and two cars as a bricklayer. And still wanting more. It sets you up for life.

Reason 9:

Then again, you could become a builder. There’s no better way to make journey from where you are now, to having your own building company at one brick at a time. The career paths are endless.

Reason 10:

The last major benefit of being a bricklayer is that you get paid for staying fit. No more paying for the gym or finding time to work out after a long day of work.

Interested in starting your career as a bricklayer and become an masonry apprenticeship? Find out where to start your training program and join the art of bricklaying today!