Making brick joints in your wall – 5 steps guide

Brick joints- Step 1

Never start with adding brick joints too early. This is in fact the cause of the whitening of walls. After two weeks the mortar has hardened and the joints can be attached. First the wall and joints should be properly cleaned. So any grout residue must be removed and the wall can further be cleaned with water and a brush. This ensures water tight as well as a good adhesion of the joints.

Brick joints – Step 2

Mix 4 parts sand and one part cement dry thoroughly (for exact measures follow the instructions on the bag). Sift the sand to clear lumps out of the grout. When the grout is mixed well, the water can be added until we have a moist earth like cement. Make sure to write down the used mixing ratio’s, because this ratio determines the color of the joints. So when you need to make additional joints you can use the same recipe to avoid color differences.

Brick joints – Step 3

The most common joint is the flat full joint. This type of joint is equal with the stone surface, though slightly inwardly. Another is to add shadow, but this joint is more reserved for the professional bricklayers. A joint as made by pushing mortar between the bricks. Keep a board stuffed with mortar just below the horizontal joint and use your trowel to scrape it from the board into the joint.

Brick joints – Step 4

The joints must be very firmly rubbed with the trowel afterwards. The closer the joint is, the less fluid will pass through the joint. Brush the wall if necessary with a soft brush afterwards. After adding the mortar into the joints we must ensure that solar and wind influence won’t dry your cement to quickly. This is bad for the joints and can lead to tears and cracks in your joints. To avoid this you can spray water on it.

Brick joints – Step 5

Clean up all the mess and make sure all cement residue is removed form your tools to keep them in pristine condition. Now call in the employer to show them the results and get the well earned respect (and money) for finishing the wall with some nice brick joints!