Bricklaying Robot SAM!

Meet Bricklaying Robot SAM 100

Have a look at the at a new bricklaying robot called SAM. It’s amazing what robotics can do and how they can make the live of bricklayers easier!

SAM stands for Semi Automated Mason and it’s been developed by Construction Robotics, a small business funded by the National Science Foundation Small Business Innovation Research program.

Bricklaying Robot SAM works together with the bricklayers in order to help them install bricks. It can lay about 700 to 1200 bricks in a day which might be slower but doesn’t require to take any breaks. There is still the need for a bricklayer which will be responsible for striking the joints and ensuring the best wall quality. So even the oldest bricklayer is able to work together with SAM

It is able to handle almost any type of brick which increases productivity and reduces the heavy lifting that previously need to be done by a bricklayer.


Construction Robotics currently thinks that it will help the U.S. economy and even help jobs in to the U.S. However when they introduce a bricklaying robot it will ultimately need less bricklayers in order to get the job done. So we will have to wait and see what the future brings us.
It will definitely help with the safety of the job. And of course help out with the health of the bricklayer as there is no more need for heavy lifting.

Bricklaying Robot SAM has already gotten an update in order to increase the speed. So that it can work even faster to keep up with the bricklayer who finishes up the joints. It should be able to lay around 4000 bricks in 24 hours.

We hope this technology will be available all over the world. In order to make the life of a bricklayer easier and help in preserving their health and backs.