Bricklaying Championship – SPEC MIX BRICKLAYER 500®

Bricklaying Championship – SPEC MIX BRICKLAYER 500®

The Bricklaying championship, also known as The SPEC MIX BRICKLAYER 500® is the ultimate contest for bricklayers from all over the world. This yearly event is hosted in Las Vegas and attracts bricklayers and masonry craftsmanship from the entire globe. The effort is big and the prices to win are even bigger. The winner drives home in a brand-new Ford Super Duty 4 x 4 truck and $ 100.000 in his trunk.

To call yourself the next World Champion of bricklaying you’ll need to build fast and accurate. The contest lasts for 60 minutes in which 25 teams of bricklayers compete with each other. During this contest there are more than 4.000 spectators watching entire walls being erected in front of their eyes. Besides these 4.000 fans in the arena, there’s a live stream on the internet. Add these 7.000 online viewers and there’s a total of 11.000 viewers watching trowels and mortar fly through the air. But for the real experience a true masonry fan should come to the Arena in Las Vegas and smell the lovely scent of fresh laid bricks and mortar.

In order to battle for the title ‘World’s best bricklayer’, your team needs to win at one of the regional contests. These regional contests take place all over the United States and Canada. Besides that there’s also an international team allowed to attend and off course the last year’s champion of bricks. If you’re interested in attending the next Championship

The rewards

Every year there’s a total of 4 rewards given away to the World’s best bricklayers. The first three awards go to the teams who places the most bricks within an hour, keeping in mind all quality standards. In 2010 the fastest bricklayer laid down a whopping 911 bricks within 60 minutes. That’s a staggering 15 bricks per minute, which is almost as fast as the the bricklaying robot ‘Hadrian X’. Besides the speed prices, there’s a fourth price which goes to the wall with the best quality. When the jury points out your wall to be the most ‘sale-able’ and you’ve placed more than 500 bricks without any flaw in it, you will go home with arguable the most respected prize of all and call yourself: SPEC MIX TOP CRAFTSMAN®.