Brick wall finishing touches helpful tips.

I’m going to give you some information and helpful tips about bricklaying finishing touches to the brickwork when you are finishing building your brick wall. Basically on any bricklaying or any building that you’re doing you need to make sure that all your perp’s and bed joints are full. This ensures a good and solid construction and gives it maximum life. If they are not full, weather could get inside and if it’s part of a house or garage you would get damp inside the building. So this is very important.

How to finish perp and bed joints on your brick wall?

You can do it by using a pointing trowel and a bricklaying trowel with a bit of mortar on it. It is always helpful to have mortar on your bricklaying trowel when you are filling the joints. Put some mortar on your pointing trowel and scrape across the open joints and make sure they are full. You will need to use the jointing bar for joint finishes on front wall. It has the shape of a half rounded joint. You don’t want to put it into far when you apply mortar. Just easily scrape it along the vertical joints first before starting on the bed (horizontal) joints.

For the bed joints you will need to use the elbow side of the jointing bar which is located in the middle just where the round shape begins. You can use a bit more pressure on the bed joints. The hardest part on the bed joints is to point and joint your corners. Fill the corners going one way with mortar and use the round shaped part of the jointing bar spreading it the other way. It doesn’t need to be neat on the back of the wall.

Remove any residue from the bricks on the front side of your wall. Just make sure that all the joints are totally full. And if there was a hole or gap use the pointer to really work the mortar in the joints. And that is how to fill the joints of any brick building.

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