Bricklaying – An introduction to the art of bricklaying

Bricklaying – An introduction to the art of bricklaying

Bricklaying – An introduction to the art of laying bricks

Bricklaying is an art! Most bricklayers work for on residential or commercial projects. These projects diverse from poorly paid to highly paid craftsmanship. It depends on the needed quality for the specific project. The higher the expected quality, the better the bricklayer needs to be. This means the skills of a bricklayer equally grow with their wages. In order to grow in the profession of laying bricks, it is important to continuously increase the quality of the delivered work. Match the quality requirements for the job in order to acquire the matching payment as a reward. Hard work, increasing you skills and ultimately become a master masonry bricklayer. And if you manage to reach the top of your skill-matrix, make sure sign up for the world championship for bricklayers: SPEC MIX BRICKLAYER 500®!

Masonry and laying bricks is a huge part of the construction industry worldwide. There’re many different areas within the industry, from huge commercial buildings to indoor design masonry. Or how about a bricklayer for hire, to construct your own pizza oven or outdoor kitchen in your backyard? Thanks to the many different areas of work, the diversity for bricklayers is big. Some bricklaying jobs are indoors, while others are outside on top of a 30 story skyscraper. Some projects take long, while others are short but unique. For the well talented bricklayers with a good eye for details and a creative mind, a request can be received by rich and famous people to custom architect entire projects.

What is needed to become a professional bricklayer?

Besides two right hands a bricklayer needs to possess the following major skills and capabilities:

  • Physically fit/ endurance;
  • Well organized and structured working;
  • A good eye for quality and accuracy;
  • Both autonomously and cooperative working mentality;
  • Clear communicative skills;
  • Have a creative mind.

Off course it is also important to work safe and keep a constant eye out on your environment. But even more important is constructing perfectly plumb, because once the wall is done it can’t be adjusted anymore. Any mistake could mean huge costs and rebuilding the entire wall…

The modern bricklayer with the right assets can find a job anywhere in the world. You have to make sure you find a project which match your skills. Over time your skills will improve, which let you do more complicated projects. The higher the expectations, the higher the pay.  So just keep improving your personal skills and follow up on the latest trends in the bricklaying industry. Interested in becoming a bricklaying apprenticeship? Read more in this post, or start learning and building right away!

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